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The CapABLE Community Blog: Disability Inclusion Resources for Photographers

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Resources for photographers looking to grow their businesses while being disability inclusive

Hi, I am Stephanie! A former pediatric home health nurse turned photographer and your expert on all things disability meets photography. Expert is a bit of a bold statement so let's break that down a bit. I grew up with a disabled parent! My dad is paraplegic (paralyzed from the waist down) and has been my entire life. So I grew up with a unique perspective of what disability is and how the world views it. That is what led me to working in healthcare. Of course career paths are never linear and a couple pivots later--I decided to create the CapABLE Community where I could teach fellow photographers what I had been doing for years--merging my background in healthcare and disability with having a successful photography business.

Disability inclusion resources for photographers
Stephanie, a disability inclusive photographer providing resources and education

Why do photographer's need photography resources that are disability specific? Glad you asked!

Photography is known to be a saturated market with everyone knowing someone who is a photographer. But if you filter that search down to family photographers, it significantly decreases. Filter again to family photographers who are proficient at photographing children with disabilities? Nearly none--at least that was until I formed the CapABLE Community! With over 7 million disabled children in the United States alone, there is a deep need for photographers in every city around the world to have training on not only how to work with clients who have disabilities, but how to achieve a high caliber result that is consistent with their portfolios.

The CapABLE Community Signature Program

Are you ready to become trained and have your name listed on our Featured Photographer's Map? Great! Click HERE to join our community of photographers around the world committed to improving disability inclusion and changing the industry to be inclusive of all abilities.

Still on the fence about joining? Don't worry!

You can follow along here on the blog or over on Instagram and Facebook to receive weekly tips and tricks on how to better serve the disabled community, grow a profitable photography business, and get a whole bunch of other small business owner inspiration along the way! This is your one stop shop for photographer education!

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