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The Unexpected Way to Use Facebook to Boost Bookings in Your Photography Business

Updated: Apr 16

I want to start this by stating that I am in no way a social media strategist or expert. I am a family & newborn photographer who started my business over 7 years ago and all I had was a $300 camera and a Facebook business page. Fast-forward to present time and I have a business that fully supports my family and brings the bookings all year long. While Facebook may be the grandpa in today's social media options, it is still my bread and butter that brings me more bookings than any other platform.

I am a firm believer that not enough photographers are using Facebook to its full potential. Especially family photographers. My favorite way to connect with prospective clients is through FACEBOOK GROUPS!

You likely are apart of at least a couple "mom groups" or local groups for your town or city. These are what made my business EXPLODE. Many groups have rules and restrictions on posting to promote your business and that has never hindered me. I of course follow the rules, but when someone asks for a newborn or family photo recommendation--I am ALL OVER IT. Now, this may not seem like groundbreaking information. Hundreds of photographers post the link to their page or website on the comments. More often than not, I get the booking. How? It's all about WHAT you comment. Your comment is your digital handshake and first impression with this client (plus potentially hundreds of other people who made view this post later) You wouldn't just throw a business card at someone asking about your services in person, would you?! Of course not! You would take the time to tell them about your business, ask what they were looking for, and have a true conversation. That conversation would create a connection and that client would TRUST you. Your comments have that same power! Here is an example of what I would comment on a post asking for newborn photographer recommendations:

"Hi (first name!) First, CONGRATULATIONS! There is truly nothing more exciting than welcome (your first/another) baby into your family! I am former pediatric home health nurse turned photographer and I would love to work with you and your family. I like to make my newborn sessions as easy for you as possible (you did just have a baby, after all!) and bring my "studio" to your home! I bring all my props and lighting I need to achieve beautiful newborn photos to you. You can view my work and learn more about the booking process here: Please let me know if you need anything and congrats again, Mama!" (attach a favorite newborn image)

Is that long-winded? ABSOLUTELY, but you can bet in a sea of 50 comments all just with website links, prospects will take the time to read because I STAND OUT. In my comment, I want the client to get a sample sized taste of what my "why" is. I jam-pack it with my edge on the competition. Most posed newborn photographers near me only work in their own studio so I highlight that convenience factor I offer. I also make it a strong point to CONNECT with that client by letting her know I understand what it feels like to be expecting a baby (or freshly postpartum) and let her know that I have her best interests at heart.

Now, this is not exclusive to newborn inquiries. You can translate this to recommendations for family photos, senior portraits, mini sessions, headshots, etc. You want to first connect, introduce, set yourself apart, then wrap it up with a call to action view my work, learn more, get the details, book online, etc. are all calls to action that then invite you to drop a link (and not metaphorically just throw your business card in their face.)

While it is more work to spend the time to comment in this way, it is all about QUALITY not quantity. One great comment will out perform a dozen comments with just your link/tag. I hope this gives you the boost you need to truly SERVE prospective clients by giving them a better booking/intro experience! If you loved this, be sure to check out the other posts in our social media series: Instagram and The Power of a Same-Day Sneak Peek. You will not regret it! Happy Booking!

All my Best,


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