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I am a wife to my college-boyfriend, Jesse and mama to our sweet five-year-old son, Owen, our fearless three year-old, Sophie, & our littlest baby-Cole. 

As a former home health nurse for children with disabilities, I started this business to give ALL families beautiful family photos. Hundreds of families and babies later, I have cracked the code on winning over even the shyest of kids, posing children of all abilities to allow their personality to shine, and even getting the toddler to give the new baby he is unsure of a big kiss on the cheek. I make it stress-free--for everyone! After perfecting my own photography craft, I realized how much joy I found in helping others do the same and the need that exists for disability inclusion in the photography industry.


If you are a fellow photographer who is looking to refine your skills, learn how to provide more inclusive photoshoots to the beautiful families with disabled family members, or a seasoned photographer who is needing help with growing your business, I am here to help you do just that.

xo, Stephanie



Cassey Golden Photography

"ALL kids can be challenging in a lot of different ways throughout a photo session, and everything I learned in The CapABLE Course can be useful for how we approach any children who aren't perfectly cooperative (and isn't that the majority of them!?)This course was so helpful in making me feel prepared for anything out-of-the-ordinary that I'm not used to thinking through in my session workflow."


Spoken For Photography

 "As a Mom of a special needs child and a photographer myself, this is HUGE and important in thinking and engaging with anyone who has a disability. I feel like I am educated and been given tools to assist my special needs clients so they feel safe, seen and valued."


Codi Rae Photography

"Stephanie is a phenomenal photographer and mentor. I reached out to her a couple months ago regarding  mentorship and it was the best decision I could have made. She was patient with all of my questions and left me feeling confident going into my own  sessions. If you are a photographer looking to fine tune your skills or wanting to master family photography I highly recommend investing in Stephanie’s course!"
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