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education and guidance for photographers passionate about disability inclusion

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We help photographers grow in business and have proper training and techniques to work with children of all disabilities. Our goal is to give photographers the confidence to book clients in any situation, challenge, or uniqueness. We thrive on connecting families with capable photographers and strive to be a community that provides the tools to help photographers market their business and specialties, setting them apart from the rest.


hi, I'm steph!

I am a family and newborn photographer, former nurse, mother, and business coach that is passionate about helping other photographers learn how to photograph families with disabilities.  


Growing up in the disability community with a father who is a paraplegic, I have always had a special place in my heart for disabled individuals. Combine that with my love for photography and The Capable Community was born. 


With over six years of experience in photography, my knowledge and passion for helping other photographers, and my unique desire to create a stress-free business learning environment, I invite you to join my community while simultaneously achieving your own dream of growing your photography business. 

what is the capable community?

The photography industry has boomed over the last few years, and not just because more people suddenly decided to pick up their cameras. The ability to grab your phone and snap a picture is effortless now, but with this simple luxury ignites some people’s creative sides and desire to create more.


Running a photography business is not for the faint of heart. It requires lots of grit, determination, motivation, and creativity, all of which do not come naturally for most people. 


Not only that, but photographers are often exposed to clients with all different backgrounds and stories, sometimes requiring a lot out of the photoshoot to successfully create a final product that is inclusive, beautiful, and unique. 


With the pain points of running a successful photography business in mind, and the desire to include more resources for photographing people with disabilities, The Capable Community was born. A place to learn, grow, and expand your knowledge on photography, business, and disabilities. A place to study photography technique + business marketing + inclusive. A place to engage with other photographers and both learn and teach for the benefit of all.


The Capable Community is an education course on photography + business + inclusion, as well as a community of support behind your photography business. Once fully trained through The Capable Community course, you receive a badge to proudly display on your website demonstrating your training and expertise.


let's get started!


Think about where your photography business could be 1 year from now. With the right tools, the right knowledge, the support of a like-minded community, and an experienced mentor guiding you, you could double or even triple your potential starting today.


What’s holding you back?



Thanks for submitting!

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