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When Should You Say Yes to Volunteering Your Services

If you are anything like me, it can be hard to say "no" when you are asked to volunteer your services. I LOVE volunteering and I LOVE photography, so I regularly say yes, but I have learned how to spot which opportunities make the most sense for me and my business. After all, you are running a business--not a non-profit. Scroll down to gain clarity on when you should say YES to volunteering your time and services as a photographer!


There is one simple way to determine if you need to consider the opportunity:

If absolutely NOTHING came from this opportunity, would you still want to do it?

While volunteer opportunities can bring great things to your business like introducing you to future clients, connecting you with fellow small business owners, and just adding some good karma into your life--you will feel resentful if nothing comes from volunteering and you had that expectation.

I volunteer my services regularly for organizations that support MY personal mission of serving the disabled community. That means I often say no to opportunities that are not aligned with my own values. Things like City Council, Chamber of Commerce, or Neighborhood events are all usually a big no for me. While pediatric therapy centers and home health agencies are regularly a YES! There are some events that are a bit borderline like my kids' school PTO events. I often bring my camera to Jog-a-thons and Halloween Parades because I know what it feels like to be the mom who cannot make it to all the things and I want those mamas to have memories too--especially since they could not be there.

At the end of the day, there is no shame in saying no to volunteering for any reason. Like my favorite Peloton trainer Robin says "If it is not a Hell Yes, it is a Hell no." Volunteering your services is such a gift to your own soul and often fills my cup WHEN it is done with the right heart and for the right organizations.

You've got this!

All my Best,


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