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The Ultimate To Do List for Your Photography Business

Slow season calls for tying up all the loose ends that accumulate throughout the year! Today's blog post is a bit different than usual because I am sharing all of my to-do's that get done during the slower season! Enjoy!

  • Update Website/Portfolio Images (more on this available here!)

  • Update Style/Session Guides to reflect any updated style trends & images.

  • Update dates or clauses on contracts in Dubsado (buh bye, Covid-19 clause!)

  • Clean up previous year's books to make tax time easy. I use quickbooks and that makes it easy to track and categorize all the things!

  • Revamp branding! New year, new business? If you want to refresh your business' look, now is a good time.

  • Clean out your camera bag

  • Send any gear off to manufacturer for servicing/cleanings

  • Resell/downsize any props/gear you will not use again

  • Set your annual goals (more on that here!)

  • Renew any annual permits for your favorite locations

  • Add a Location Guide to your website (Download mine FREE HERE)

  • Send Thank You's to vendors you worked with this year

  • Replenish your stash of memory cards and hard drives

  • Back up your 2023 hard drive and retire it

  • Start to collect 1099s from any contractors (editors, VAs, associates, etc.)

  • Create a budget for this month and year

  • Set your business goals for the year (these can be financial, creative, or anything else you want to achieve this year!)

  • Automate what you can to save yourself time come busy season (see this post from my VA covering this!)

  • If you did update headshots, be sure to plug those into your email signature, about me page, social media profiles, etc!

  • Invest in a course that will advance an area you feel weak. I usually choose one that is more related to the front end of the business (posing, client experience) as well as one that is more business specific.

This is a running list and I will continue to come back to this post to add anything else that comes up in my own business!

Here's to the slow season!


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