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Maximizing Your Photography Business: 5 Goal-Hitting Tips

Are you ready to turn those photography dreams into achievable realities? Whether that means doubling your profit or going full-time-- buckle up because we’re about to chart a course for success by setting some seriously snazzy and specific goals for your photography business!

Start with Clarity

Picture this: You're the director of your photography journey. Define your aspirations clearly—whether it's mastering a new technique, expanding your client base, or earning a specific income milestone. The clearer your vision, the easier it is to map out your path. At the end of this year, what do you want your life and business to look like?


Just wishing isn't enough! Let’s make goals SMART—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Instead of “I want more clients,” aim for “I will acquire 10 new family portrait clients by the end of Q2.” Bonus points if you write that goal down! Goals that are physically written down are 42% more likely to happen.

Break it Down

Break those big grand goals into bite-sized pieces. Break down your yearly ambitions into monthly or even weekly targets. It’s like creating your own photography adventure with milestones along the way! If you want to make six-figures, how many sessions is that? Now, how many will you need to shoot each season to reach that goal? From there--break it down to weeks!

Numbers Are Your Friends

Speaking of measurable goals, numbers add spice to your aspirations. Set targets like booking a certain number of sessions per month, hitting a revenue goal, or expanding your social media following by a specific percentage. I know that numbers tend to be the achilles heel of us creatives, but once you get in the habit of paying attention to your revenue and expenses--life becomes a whole lot easier!

Diversify and Conquer

Explore multiple facets of your photography business. Set goals not just for honing your technical camera skills but also for marketing strategies, elevating your client experience, or even personal projects that can serve your clients.

With these goal-setting gems in your kit, you have everything you need to set goals I know you can achieve this year! Nothing happens overnight--it is all about making little choices that will add up to that goal. I cannot wait to cheer you on this year!

All my best,


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