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The Simple Yet Effective Way to Quickly Grow Your Photography Business Without Spending a Dime

When I started my own photography business, I knew that I was not the most talented photographer. I also knew that I would not always be the cheapest, this set me on a mission to make myself stand out in every way I could. If there was something I could do, especially if it did not cost me anything, to enhance my client experience-- I did it! One of those things is still something I do every single session. Yes, even minis!

*Drumroll Please*


Yes, it is truly as simple as it sounds. I post a sneak peek on my business social media accounts for every single session as long as clients have signed my standard contract which includes a model release.

Of course, clients love getting to see one of their images same day, but there are some deeper benefits of the sneak peek that you may not even realize...

  • Doing a same-day sneak peek forces you to cull and back up images THAT DAY. This is the best insurance policy on never losing images or accidentally clearing a card. Bonus: once culled, editing is a breeze! This will also promote a faster turnaround time.

  • SELL IT! At the end of every session, I tell clients that I will post a sneak peek that day. This makes them want to follow my business pages if they do not already. Once followers, they are significantly more likely to book with me again.

  • That sneak peek will make any normal pre-session stress of getting kids ready, rushing out of the house, etc. suddenly not seem so bad. We live in an age of instant gratification. While you think whatever you want about that, I use it to work FOR my business instead of against it.

  • Your clients will often share your post or stories and talk about their experience--this is the MOST VALUABLE type of testimonial. They are sharing YOU with THEIR friends/family!

...and yes! Even mini sessions get a sneak peek. When I have mentored photographers, many get worried about clients screenshotting their sneak peek. Here is my perspective on that:

LET THEM. I include 5 photos with my minis and if they screenshotted a sneak peek--that would make 6. That is not a big deal to me and is WELL WORTH the marketing value of that one extra image. My golden rule is to serve 95% of the time and sell the other 5% of the time--sharing a sneak peek is a time to SERVE and not to sell. You are adding value to your client experience, increasing your audience, and standing out from every other photographer in town. One extra image is a small price to pay...for what it is worth, I still have more than 60% of clients upgrade to their session to include additional images.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try, even for just a few sessions! It costs you nothing and that guarantees a great Return on Investment!

All my best,


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