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Feeling a little pressed during slow season? I wrote this for you.

As a photographer who has survived seven winters, I have now dubbed January- April as Slow Season. Every year, I still get a bit of the "slow season scaries." Where the panic of lower bookings than I am used to sinks in. I start to doubt my pricing, my website, and even my images-- maybe you can relate? Well, guess what? We're not alone! Every business has its ebb and flow, and navigating the quieter seasons is all part of the entrepreneurial journey. It just so happens that our entire industry is impacted at the same time every year and fear spreads like wildfire. Here's a big virtual hug, some upbeat motivation, and practical tips to get you through this temporary lull.

  • Embrace the Pause

Think of this slowdown as a pit stop on the race track of entrepreneurship. It’s a chance to catch your breath, reflect, and strategize for the next sprint. Use this time to fine-tune your processes, reassess goals, and revamp strategies. Once you accept that slow season happens to EVERYONE, it makes the next steps a heck of a lot easier.

  • Reconnect with Your Why

Remember why you started. Rekindle that passion that ignited your business journey. Reflect on your mission, values, and the impact you want to create. It’s a powerful reminder of the bigger picture beyond the current lull and lights the fire that gets you willing to put in the work that is coming--and I promise it is coming!

  • Keep Your Current Prices

Slow periods are perfect for going deeper into your existing offers and unpopular opinion--NOT the time for price increases. Keep your previous year's pricing during this time and plan to increase right before your busiest season so you have some quick wins under your belt when that time comes.

  • Nurture Relationships

Your clients are your business's heartbeat. Use this time to strengthen relationships. Reach out with personalized messages, offer exclusive deals, or host client appreciation events. Building stronger connections pays off in the long run. I always host my one and only annual sale during slow season! This gets clients excited for all the session themes I will offer that year, plus adds some nice buffering to the business savings account to make slow season a lot less scary.

  • Skill Boosting Time

Invest in yourself and your team. Equip yourself with new skills, enroll in courses, or encourage team training. Expanding your knowledge base during downtime is an investment that pays out later. Now is the time to dive deep in any courses you have already purchased and not finished or invest in new (to you) ones!

  • Refresh

Take this opportunity to streamline operations. Organize your hard drives, update your website/portfolio, review your style/session guides, or revamp your branding. A fresh and organized backend system sets the stage for success. I save all the little "updates" for this time of year. If you are looking to implement a CRM like Dubsado or Honeybook--now is the time! I absolutely love Dubsado and used slow season 2023 to build out a full automation to ensure no prospective client ever slips through the cracks come mid-October. If you are looking to have an expert guide you in setting up these automations, I highly recommend SAI Virtual Solutions. Could not be happier with her work!

  • Self-Care is Key

Remember, you are your business's most valuable asset. Take time for self-care, to recharge, and find activities that rejuvenate your spirit. A fresh perspective often emerges from a well-rested mind. Stressing about slow season will not serve anyone, but taking this time to prepare for the amazing year you are about to have will bring out your best ideas.

  • Seek Support

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. Whether it’s from fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, or industry groups, seeking guidance or advice can provide fresh insights and inspiration. This blog post was actually inspired by a friend of mine who owns a health/wellness business and is experiencing a lull as well. Knowing that this is a normal part of business makes it feel a lot less scary and personal!

Remember, slow seasons are not stop signs but rather opportunities for growth and preparation. Embrace this phase, stay motivated, and keep your eyes on the horizon. You've got this!

All my Best,


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