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Member Spotlight: Shelby Roberts Photography

Bringing in February with a Proud Member Spotlight! Help me welcome Shelby Roberts of Shelby Roberts Photography.

Where are you located?

Georgia State

What is packed in your camera bag? (Ex: I love my Nikon 850, and my 35mm and 85mm! Plus The Bunny!)

35mm, 70-200mm for kiddos that are uncomfortable about the session this allows me to be further away!), 50mm, Stickers!

What is your favorite go-to family session pose?

Kiss attack for littles to their parents, kiss sandwich, and playing games that make the kiddos not realize they are having their photos taken!

Tell us about a session that moved you or changed the way you think about your business?

I had a family that struggled for over 15 years to get pregnant and when they finally got pregnant I got to capture the various stages from pregnancy to newborn and include their IVF medications! It really made me realize how much I love capturing motherhood photography and how much I love a documentary approach to capture the little things that tell the families story. And I never want a mama to have fear of judgment stopping them from getting professional photos done!

What business owners (or photographers) inspire you?

Stephanie for sure because she not only changed careers and has created this amazing community but is an amazing artist!

Katelyn James and Renaye Mclachlan, too!

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

I love that it allows me to be creative; yes I do paid sessions but if I get an idea or inspired by something I can plan a model call and bring my ideas to life! I also love that it allows me to have a flexible schedule and work from home so I can spend more time with my daughter!

What is your favorite editing snack?

Iced coffee! (not a true snack but I cannot edit without coffee of some form)

Where can we find your work?


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