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Member Spotlight: Kate Voda Photography

Happy December - another month, means another Member Spotlight! Help me welcome Kate Voda of Kate Voda Photography!

Where are you located?

Princeton, New Jersey

What is packed in your camera bag? (Ex: I love my Nikon 850, and my 35mm and 85mm! Plus The Bunny!)

My Canon 5dMk iv with my 50mm + 85mm, Pentax 645nii with a 75mm, lots of film, my light meter, shakers, a light spinner, and my version of The Bunny - a monkey!

What is your favorite go-to family session pose?

Everyone snuggled up close and laughing at each other

Tell us about a session that moved you or changed the way you think about your business?

My own son's newborn photos completely changed everything about my business and how I approach sessions. He needed a feeding tube for the first 2 months of his life and for a while I held out hope that it would come out soon and I could do his photos without it. The bright orange feeding tube didn't fit with my vision of a clean, simple newborn photo. Around the 5-week mark I had the realization that his "tubie" (as we called it) wasn't going anywhere and that it was a huge part of his story and something that I wanted him to be able to look back at and see. I realized that it was something to be celebrated and not hidden. That moment, sitting on the floor in my livingroom, has changed everything about how I view photography. While the overall aesthetics oh my photos are still very important to me, I now prioritize finding beautiful ways to incorporate and celebrate my clients, their stories, and all of their individual needs.

What business owners (or photographers) inspire you?

Daniel Kim, Hannah Mann, Shanna Skidmore

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

The joy on mothers faces when they see their images of their beautiful families.

What is your favorite editing snack?

I chew gum, but not one piece for the entire session - more like a new piece every 10 minutes or so! 😂

Where can we find your work?


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