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7 Tips on How to Effectively Promote Your Photography Business on Instagram

In a time where potential clients spend hours each day on their cell phone, small businesses get unlimited (almost) free advertising power to get our work & services in front of the eyes of our clients. Have you ever wondered if you were doing enough on Instagram to get the best reach in your business? I know I used to! I didn't know if I should pay any attention to likes or followers or how to use Instagram to actually benefit my business. Thankfully after almost 7 years in business, I think I have it figured out! Here are my best tips to growing your family photography business through Instagram:

#1. Be Authentic

Having a perfectly curated grid is OUTDATED! Honestly, I could not be more relieved that the days of worrying about grid layouts are long gone. In today's social media world, creating content that is relatable and AUTHENTIC is KEY! Not only will you attract more ideal clients, you will do a great job serving the audience you already have.

#2. Relatability-Factor

Your prospective clients want to feel like they know you and that you understand them and their need. By allowing your clients into bits and pieces of your personal life, you are inviting that connection. This doesn't mean you need to overshare or cross any personal boundaries you have. For example: I regularly post silly things my kids do, cute moments with the kids or pets, and some of our family adventures. I do not post about date nights with my husband. There is nothing wrong with sharing that part of your life, but it is just a boundary I made when I started using social media! Which brings me to....

#3. Have Boundaries

Good ol' boundaries. Having boundaries with yourself, your social media use, and what you share is CRUCIAL. It can be easy to get sucked into scrolling reels for hours in the name of "inspiration," but that is a waste of time. Give yourself time limits if needed, but do set some sort of boundary with how often you will be on "the gram." When it comes to sharing, one of my favorite business gals, Amy Porterfield, says share the scars, not the scabs. This means that you can share the struggles you have had AND healed from. Recent troubles or "fresh" wounds are best left out until you are in a better place to share that.

#4. Habit Stack

For me, I habit stack social media use into my day/business workflow. It is how I get sneak peeks to clients and how I gauge what a majority of my clients may need or want photo-wise. This is a simple but easy trick to staying consistent in your Instagram presence! You could habit stack social media into your morning after taking care of emails, in the parking lot while waiting for clients before a session, or in the evening once you are done for the day. I believe that done is better than perfect so I do not worry about what time of day I post, just that I am showing up at some point!

#5. Captions Matter

Writing captions to your posts is an OPPORTUNITY to gain amazing cheerleader clients who will love you forever! Spend a few moments to think of thoughtful captions that your clients and prospective clients will WANT to read. I cannot tell you how many posts I scroll past everyday from photographers saying "loved hanging with X family today!" or "this session was so fun!"--those are truly missed opportunities! Share fun, but flattering moments from their session! Share tips/tricks for styling when you have an especially well-dressed family. Share your favorite thing about a specific location. The opportunities are endless! Make it count.

#6. Accessibility

When posting on stories, using reels with speaking audio, or anything else with verbal language--please utilize the closed caption feature! This makes your content accessible to clients with hearing impairments. Bonus--it is also great for mamas who may be scrolling while holding a sleeping baby and have their volume turned off. You want your content to feel easy and effortless for your clients to consume.

#7. Variety

Just like with your portfolio, you want your social media to showcase a range of your work from all lighting scenarios, various locations, and diversity amongst clients. You want a prospective client to land on your feed and be able to see their own family in your work. This also helps set healthy expectations with your clients on what a final gallery make look like. No, you do not need to share a whole gallery (please, don't!) but when you show a variety of poses and combinations--they get the idea!

I truly hope this helps Instagram become less overwhelming for you. I can confidently say that Instagram alone grows my business by at least 15-20% each year. Posting regularly (3x a week) and consistently allowing clients into your life will be GAME CHANGERS for your business. Stay tuned for our next post in the social media series... FACEBOOK!

Until then,


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