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Holiday Photoshoot Mini Session Ideas Your Clients Will LOVE!

Be inspired by my best selling holiday family photoshoot concepts and some new themes I cannot wait to use in future years!

Family poses on a red truck during a holiday photoshoot

It is no secret that holiday themed mini sessions can be a bit of a gold mine if you host them properly! Knowing what theme your audience of clients will book, when they want to take the photos to have them back for card ordering, and giving your clients inspiration is KEY to success in the holiday photoshoot mini session game.

Holiday Themed Minis are my best-seller--yes, even more than Fall Minis!

An often overlooked aspect of designing and planning Christmas themed mini sessions is accessibility to disabled clients. When I say accessibility, I mean that EVERYTHING about the session is inclusive and accessible to all clients. This is why I LOVE holiday minis!

I love making sure that my posing around themed props can be modified and adapted for every member of the family to provide a holiday card-worthy image of my client's dreams.

My Go-To Christmas Family Photoshoot Ideas:

These are the holiday mini sessions I offer every single year and are all easily adaptable to any family situation:

  • Christmas Tree Farm Minis (I use a small couch with pillows as a posing support.)

  • Red Truck Minis (More pillows and rolled blankets can be helpful here!)

  • Holiday Studio Minis (A controlled environment makes these the most accessible.)

  • VW Red Bus Minis (If you find a well-restored vehicle, you can even shoot inside the bus and utilize the seats/benches.)

  • Santa Experience Mini Sessions (In case you missed it, we have a whole blog post on Santa HERE!)

Holiday Photoshoot Ideas for Future Years:

Every year, I try to introduce at least one new mini session theme to my holiday line-up to give existing clients plenty of options! Some of my clients like to repeat the same set (like Red Truck) year after year, but others want all the variety, so I try to accommodate both sides.

Here are some Christmas family photoshoot ideas I have been thinking of for future years:

  1. Minimalistic Holiday Minis--Think a blank slate studio with one HUGE wreath. Could be a beautiful look for all photography styles! This would also be adorable if you wanted to emphasize a couples Christmas photoshoot.

  2. Christmas PJ Minis--Many of my clients already style in PJs for some of the above themes (like Santa), but this would be a fun way to lean into that by offering a more home-y/cozy studio feel. Hot cocoa mugs would be a fun addition, too!

  3. Candyland-themed Christmas Minis. I am not entirely sure what exactly this would look like, but every time I see Hobby Lobby roll our all the oversized fake gumdrops and lollipops, it makes me want to host some sort of gingerbread house themed session. Maybe in a cute rustic greenhouse?!

Disability-Inclusive Holiday Photoshoot Rules

Regardless of which holiday photoshoot theme(s) you decide on for your minis, you want to make sure that you have a disability-inclusive set up by following these rules:

  • The location is free of obstacles (i.e. steps, stairs, uneven surfaces, fall hazards, etc.)

  • You have a variety of posing options available, including a seated or supported-seated option

  • You provide helpful props or items to support all members of the family (think pillows, blankets, or high-backed chairs)

  • Consider having coverings/blankets for adaptive seating to make the aesthetic remain festive

Ultimately, you as the photographer should be prepared with pose modifications to provide all your clients with beautiful galleries full of variety for all of their Christmas card options!

I hope this helps you serve your clients better during the most magical season of the year! Holiday Minis have so many possibilities and I cannot wait to see what you come up with!



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